Company Start-up, Expansion and/or Sale, "Sundown"
At Rits Accounting we will help to get your business started from the ground up (to take the burden and the legwork off the new business owners).

We will:
- Identify the right business structure for you,
- File the new business paperwork to the proper authorities.
- Assist you in choosing the right software for your business size and needs.
- We are affiliated with various companies to help you with your initial business marketing, website origination, business cards, stationary, etc.

For all existing business owners:
- Our business can assist you in expansion;
- If your business is experiencing difficulties, we can work with you on recovery process;
- If you ready to sell your business, we will identify key cost reducing items, which can make your business seem more profitable.
- If you are ready to close your business, we can work with you in creating a business “sundown” timeline, evaluate your existing assets NPV vs. FMV, prepare asset disposal schedule.